We know what you’re struggling with right now, because we have been where you are, and have struggled with the same issues and emotions that you are dealing with right now —- and so have thousands of other women who have come to First Steps — trying to making sense of it all and finding the “off” switch for the roller coaster of emotion that comes in the aftermath of choosing abortion.

The aftermath comes with feelings such as guilt, shame, regret, depression, anxiety, and anger, and struggles such as broken relationships. We have been there, and we can tell you that there is hope. You can be renewed.

First Steps is an 11-week Bible Study that will bring you on a personal journey of healing and help you deal with the choices and hurts of the past, whether your abortion was a month ago or 25 years ago. This Study is a step by step process that will bring you through any feelings you may be experiencing such as loneliness, guilt, shame, regret, depression, anger, numbness, etc.

Embarking on this journey may feel like a rollercoaster at times because you may have dealt with some of these issues already, but as you go through the course, you will find that some of them have not been dealt with yet. To face them may be difficult, but at the end the reward is redemption, a feeling of renewed strength, and oftentimes… peace.

Regardless of how far you may feel from God right now, you can expect His Word to come alongside you like a soothing balm (which we like to refer to as the Balm of Gilead) and bring you healing and forgiveness. During this Bible Study, God’s light will shine through the darkness and replace the lies you have been believing with God’s Truth. This may sound strange — and possibly too good to be true — but believe us. We’ve seen it happen over and over again for thousands of women over the past 22 years — and we know that you will be no exception because God loves you, and He is waiting to bring you peace.

Start Date: TBD (Spring 2020)

Location: Mosaic Church

Time: 6:15-8:15

Contact: Cindy Fitzgibbon | cfitzgibbon@cfl.rr.com

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Cost | There is a charge of $10 to cover the cost of the book (payable at the first meeting)

*All inquiries are strictly confidential.