Note:  Due to Hurricane Irma, we are starting Equipping Classes on September 19th instead of September 12th.

Get Equipped

We will be offering the following Classes on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm starting September 12th, 2017 at Mosaic Oakland:


Galatians/Ephesians: Freedom from Bondage God’s Way

13 Week Class | Sept 12th – Dec 5th, 2017
Stuck in do’s and don’ts? Trapped in a sin? Seduced by the world? There is such freedom in Christ to discover – freedom from hypocrisy, freedom from bad motives and habits, freedom from evil. Discover the only way to freedom: knowing the truth. We will be using a book from Precept ministries.
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Experiencing Christ Together

10 Week Class | Sept 12th – Nov 14th, 2017
In this class, we will dig into biblical view of marriage. You will learn gospel centered principles that will help strengthen your marriage.


It’s Simply a Matter of When

7 week class | Sept 12th – Oct 24th, 2017
This class will be a study of “the end times” primarily focusing on the Olivet Discourse (Jesus talking about the end times himself). If you have ever wondered about the “end times” but felt overwhelmed by all the different opinions you’ve heard, or think that it is just too difficult to understand, this class is for you. This course will focus on how to study scripture and is not designed to make you decide what to believe. There will be no debate or open discussion. It is a course to make you think – and hopefully realize that you can understand more than you can imagine. Attendance at the first class is required as it will lay the foundation for all of the following weeks. The class will be taught by one of our Elders, John Palmer.

The Lord’s Festivals Study

5 Week Class | Sept 12th – Oct 10th, 2017
This class will give you a general overview of all 7 festivals laid out in Leviticus 23 and of the Sabbath.  The goal is to show lots of scripture in the Old and New Testament showing that these are God’s festivals and that they have everything to do with Jesus. We will cover lots of historical facts and show how it was and is celebrated, showing what is tradition and what is biblical. We will have a time for questions and answers in the last class as well. The class will be taught by one of our Elders, Raphael Cardoso.

Money, God or Gift?

5 Week Class | Oct 24th – Nov 21st, 2017
This class introduce you to foundational practices of biblical stewardship. Learn how to handle money God’s way through gospel motivated generosity, spending and saving wisely.
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