Here at Mosaic, we take Leadership Development really seriously. The  Bible uses words like “Elder”, “Pastor”, and “Shepherd” to describe those who are in spiritual leadership over the church.   Being an Elder/Pastor (we use those words interchangeably) is not about a title, or a task, or climbing some invisible church leadership ladder—it’s about shepherding the church. The Eldership Development process is not about how much knowledge we can cram into your head—but rather how much character we can build into in your heart and soul. And yet—part of being a good shepherd is being a good leader. Caring for the church includes protecting her by being able to handle Scripture well. So we do spend a great deal of time making sure that your beliefs line up with scripture.

We want you to get to the end of your Eldership Development Process and realize that you know Scripture and doctrine better than you ever have before in your entire life. We want your relationship with God to be stronger than it ever has been before. We want you to understand Mosaic’s story better than you ever have before and we want your role in that story to be clearer than it ever has been before. We will push you because we love you and because we love the church and we want her to have the best shepherds we can give her.

The Elder Development Process lasts for two years. Here are a few prerequisites for you before applying.

  • Be a Covenant Partner in good standing, meeting all requirements.
  • Have a proven track record at Mosaic of actively shepherding others.
  • Fully read “Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call To Restore Biblical Church Leadership” by Alexander Strauch.
  • Fully read The Bible by God. (Note: we are trying to ensure that you have read all books of the Bible at some point in the last 5 years. Order is not important.)
  • Listen to the “This Is The Church” series from January 2013.

If you meet all of the above pre-requisites, please contact Phil Taylor to get things started.