We know things are going to happen in our preschoolers’ lives where they will need God’s help—times when their lives will zig one way and then zag another. We want them to grow up believing that God loves them and can help them anywhere, with anything, no matter how hard it may be. He can even help them help others! This month, we’ll learn about the life of David and how even when it zigged and zagged, God was there to help him.

Our Memory Verse this month is 2 Chronicles 32:8, “We have the Lord our God to help us.”

The Key Question is “Who can help you?” and the Bottom Line is “God can help me.” Our Basic Truth this month is God Loves Me!

We will begin with David as a boy in a field with his sheep. David was alone in that field when he needed to protect his sheep. Actually, he wasn’t really alone. God was with him. And, God helped him protect his sheep from the scary lion.
Story Focus: God can help me anywhere. Sometimes our preschoolers will feel all alone in the world, but they can remember that they are not alone. Wherever they are, God is there with them, and He will help them.

Once David had proved that he was brave and strong by protecting his sheep and defeating Goliath, King Saul asked him to lead his troops into battle. God was with David and helped him win battle after battle.
Story Focus: God can help me do anything. While preschoolers may not be asked to lead troops into battle, they will be asked to do things outside of their comfort zone—things they can only do with help. They specifically need God’s help. They will learn that they can ask God to help them do anything.

In week three, preschoolers will hear about David’s good friend, Jonathan. David and Jonathan shared so many experiences and were close friends. It was VERY hard when they had to say good-bye to one another.
Story Focus: God can help me do hard things. God can help us do anything—even the really hard things. Preschoolers will relate to having a best friend like Jonathan and can even understand how hard it would be for David to say good-bye. They will learn that they can ask God to help them do hard things like saying goodbye to your best friend.

David wants to keep his promise to his good friend, Jonathan, to always take care of his family. He has his servants search until they find Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth. The servants bring Mephibosheth, who is lame in both feet, to the David, and he provides all that Mephibosheth needs. David even invited Mephibosheth to eat at the king’s table.
Story Focus: God can help me help others. Our preschoolers will learn that God can even help us when we are helping someone else. God designed us to serve one another, and He is there to help us do just that!

We will end the month learning how David praised God after He helped him. David danced and played music to show thanks to God for all His help.
Story Focus: We can praise God because He helps us. When God helps us, we want to say, “Thank You!” Preschoolers will learn that they can dance and sing and play music to thank God for helping them. We want our preschoolers to grow up knowing that God loves them and is always there to help them even when they’re in a Zig Zag Zone.