God made the world and everything in it. And when we see what God has made, it reminds us what a BIG and creative God He is. But, God’s favorite creation isn’t a volcano, a supernova, or an otter—it’s people. The God who made all things good, is the God who made you.

Our Memory Verse for August is, “You have done great and wonderful things,” 1 Samuel 7:23. The Key Question is Who made everything wonderful? and the Bottom Line is God made everything wonderful.

WOW! God made everything, and it is wonderful! We will start our discussion with the land and the plants. God made the land and all the amazing things that grow in it. Children will have an opportunity to dig in the dirt and look at flowers. Investigating with all five of their senses helps preschoolers learn!

Story Focus: Genesis 1:9-13: God made the land and plants, and they are wonderful. The children will hear (some for the first time) that God made the very land they are standing on! God made every food that they eat and every flower that they see. Everywhere they look, they can see something that God made.

Not only did God make the land and plants, but He made the water and the sky too! Preschoolers will have opportunities to investigate water and talk about the seasons that are determined by the sun in the sky.

Story Focus: Genesis 1:6-10, 14-19: God made the water and sky, and they are wonderful. Every preschooler loves to play in water, but it may come as a surprise to them that God made all that water they love so much. This is also a great opportunity to introduce the concept that the sun is a star too and that it’s so close to us that it determines our seasons. How awesome is God that He gave us the sun, the moon and the stars!?

This week is every preschooler’s favorite one. It’s time to talk about animals. They will have an awesome time mooing and quacking and oinking all while they learn about the amazing animals God made.

Story Focus: Genesis 1:20-25: God made the animals, and they are wonderful. God made each and every animal unique and gave it certain characteristics to help it live. Giraffes have longs necks so they can eat the leaves in the trees. Elephants have amazing noses to help them do a variety of things. Help your preschoolers see the wonder of God’s creation as you share about the amazing animals He made.

This week we celebrate you and you and you. God made people! Isn’t that awesome? We’ll spend time looking in mirrors and talking about what makes each one of us different from the other. We’ll hop on the feet God gave us and clap the hands He created. This is an incredible week where we look each child in the eye and say, “God made YOU!”

Story Focus: Genesis 1:26-27; 2:7, 20-30: God made people, and they are wonderful. People truly are God’s most wonderful creation. they were made to be in relationship with Him and given special qualities no other creation was given. We are able to love and care for one another. We are able to share God’s love with others. We are special because God made us that way.