We want to help you find your place in the community of Mosaic!  Below are three of the best starting points.  Please reach out and let us know you’re here and ready to jump in!

Coffee Connection

When you register for a ‘coffee connection’ meeting, you are meeting one on one with someone who knows all of the ins and outs of what’s going on at Mosaic.

Register for a Coffee Connection

Missional Community

When you sign up for a Missional Community, you may end up getting a ‘coffee connection’ meeting where someone can help you find the group that fits your life best.  This registration form helps us know in advance what days and circumstances work best for you.  We are working toward creating new Missional Communities, so if you think you might be well suited to lead an MC, let us know that too!

Register for a Missional Community

Serve One

One of the best ways to get into community is to serve alongside others at Mosaic.  Ministry Teams are THE people who make Mosaic gatherings happen.  We would love to connect you with a Ministry Team so that your skills and talents and passions can be a blessing to the body of believers here at Mosaic.  We encourage everyone at Mosaic to serve at any one of our Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday gatherings.

Register to Serve One