Here are a couple of first steps to making yourself at home at Mosaic!

Chapter One

Discover Our Story

In Chapter One  you’ll learn everything you want to know about Mosaic’s history, vision and mission. Have you been attending Mosaic for a while, but still haven’t attended Chapter One? That’s ok, it’s never too late and everyone is welcome!

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Sunday, March 1st

1:15pm | After the 11:17am Gathering

Lunch & Childcare provided.


Chapter Two

Connect Your Story

This is a special gathering that helps you to connect to community.

Whereas Chapter One is your chance to get to hear our story, Chapter Two is our chance to hear yours as we seek to discover together where your best fit currently is at Mosaic. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to find discipleship and a home at Mosaic.

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Sunday, March 8th

1:30pm | After the 11:17am Gathering 

Lunch & Childcare provided.

Explore Discipleship at Mosaic Winter Garden. 


Coffee Connection

Have Coffee with a Friendly Face

Something happens when two people sit down for coffee. They get to know each other. Which is why Coffee Connection is such a well-loved and significant part of our community life.

Maybe you recently started coming to Mosaic and are looking to plug in, meet more people, or simply learn more about God’s story here. Or you might be a few months–or even years—into attending gatherings with us, but are looking to make it more of a home where you feel known, finding people you can do life with or a ministry team in which you can use your gifts.

Either way, this is a great way to start exploring that in a one-on-one setting with one of the Mosaic Connect Team volunteers.

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MC Hub

Join a Missional Community

If you are looking to join a Missional Community, we’d love to invite you to the next Missional Community Hub (“MC Hub”).

A Missional Community is a community that does life together.

MC Hub is your first step to joining one, held in the comfort of the familiar Mosaic church space.  We’ll gather one Sunday afternoon to get to know one another and meet several MC leaders to help  find your home community within Mosaic.

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Date: Sunday, April 5th

1:30pm | After the 11:17am Gathering 

Lunch & Childcare provided.


Thisismosaic App

Download the Thisismosaic App to keep up with what’s going on at your Mosaic campus!

You can use it to watch or stream messages, read the Bible, see upcoming events, conduct your online giving, and more!

Text thisismosaicapp to 779-77 to download.