God View: The connection between generosity and God’s character, as shown through God’s big story.

Generosity is a response to the character of God. 

We start our look at generosity in 1 John 4:9-11 where we discover that generosity starts with God. Because God loved us so much, He sent Jesus to be our savior and make it possible for us to be with God forever.
Bottom Line: Because God gave, I can give. John goes on in this passage and writes, “Dear friends, since God loved us this much, we should also love one another, (NIrV).” As kids respond to God’s generosity in their own life, we pray they will be generous with their family, friends, and neighbors.

In Luke 12:13-21, we find Jesus sharing a parable about a rich young man. This rich man experienced such a harvest that he ended up with more than he needed. Instead of seeing how he could use the extra to help others, he stores it up for himself. He loses his life and doesn’t get to enjoy it anyway.
Bottom Line: Don’t miss your chance to give. When it comes to what we have, we need to think about others and focus on relationships more than getting more stuff. Being generous is difficult when we’re consumed with wanting more. We want kids to understand that when we focus on others, we’re more likely to see the needs around us and be generous in how we help meet those needs.

We will take a look at important generosity principle Paul wrote to Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:18. “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share (NIV).” Paul knows that our wealth isn’t based in how much we have but in what we do with it.
Bottom Line: Look for creative ways to give. As we have gifts and giving on our minds, Christmas is a natural time to talk to kids about generosity. Often, they feel like they don’t have anything to give. Thankfully, all of us can be rich in good deeds. We’ll help kids discover how they can look around and discover all sorts of ways they can give to others with their time and talents.

It’s Christmas! We head to the familiar story in Luke 2:1-18. While people expected a new king born in a palace, God had other plans in mind. Jesus was born in a place where they kept the animals. No royal robes, not much public fanfare, just Mary and Joseph cuddling Jesus for the first time. God announced His gift to shepherds helping us realize that Jesus was a gift for everyone.
Bottom Line: God gave us Jesus. Kids will get the chance to celebrate Jesus, God’s most generous gift. They’ll discover why God sent Jesus for us, as well as, what that means for how they show generosity to the people in their life.

We wrap up Christmas week in Matthew 2:1-12, and find wise men traveling from the East to show generosity to a newborn king. After discovering a unique star in the sky, they followed it and it led them to the home of Jesus. Each one of their gifts for Him were thoughtfully chosen and fit for a king.
Bottom Line: Give like you’re giving to God. While Christmas is a time to think about giving big, we want kids to realize that they can give big all throughout the year. As we focus on the people God has put in our lives, we’ll soon notice how we can be generous towards them. When we show big generosity, we give like we’re giving to God.