The Acts 29 US Southeast Church Planter Development School (CPDS) is designed for men with an affinity for Acts 29 whose interest in planting a church is based on an internal calling/conviction and/or external encouragement or commendation. The CPDS is for men who think that the Lord may be calling them to plant a church and/or for men who frequently hear from mature church leaders that they should consider planting a church. To note, the CPDS is not designed for church planters who are already approved to plant or for church planters who are already on the ground in their context. If this describes you, the Acts 29 Southeast Church Planter Cohort is better suited for such candidates.


The CPDS is a strategic partnership between the Acts 29 US Southeast, the Host Church and other like-minded Churches within driving distance of the Host Church. Mosaic Church (Winter Garden, FL) will serve as a Host Church for Central Florida. Participants are members of and servant leaders of like-minded churches in the area, gathering at the Host Church for five intensives throughout 2020. It is our prayer and hope that CPDS participants will grow in gospel character, their passion for Church Planting, and gain clarity on the particular calling and conviction from God upon their lives. We believe that these benefits will come about through an intentional life on life relationship with the Elder(s) of their church, through the peer-to-peer relationships established with other participants, and through the relational training being provided by seasoned leaders of church planting churches.


CPDS participants will meet for five intensives in 2018-2019. Among other things, participants will be trained in the following Church Planter Competencies: Spiritual Vitality, Marriage, Conviction & Commendation, Disciple Making, Missional Lifestyle, Relationships, Ability to Teach, Theological Clarity, Leadership, Maturity, and Entrepreneurial Aptitude. As well as the following “Sequential Ingredients” for effective Church Planting: Kingdom Prayer, Ongoing Renewal, Discipleship Framework, Gospel Communities, Network Evangelism, Mercy & Justice, Contextualized Worship, Gospel-Centered Preaching, Members & Money, Elders & Shepherding. Participants may have reading assignments prior to each intensive and will always have assignments, after each intensive, to process with the elder(s) of their church who are overseeing them.

The CPDS Intensives at Mosaic Church in Winter Garden, FL will be from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on the following dates:  Monday, April 6th, 2020; Monday, June 1st, 2020; Monday, Aug 3rd, 2020; Monday, Oct 5th, 2020; Monday, Dec 7th, 2020.


Participants of the Acts 29 Church Planter Development School…

  • must have the evidence of evangelistic and discipleship fruit in their story and recent past
  • must be a member in good standing and a servant leader at a gospel-centered, mission-minded church
  • must have the endorsement of the elder team at their home church as a “potential planter”
  • must be under the direct oversight of the elder team particularly in regards to growth in gospel character
  • must at least have a “View” of the Elder Team and their Ministry (in the “View, Voice, Vote” Paradigm)
  • must live within a five hour drive of the host church
  • must have flexibility with their current job that allows them to attend all five intensive

To apply, please begin here. For further questions, please contact Gabe Forsyth, Acts 29 Central Florida CPDS Coordinator at