We have some incredible global partners in Guatemala that serve hundreds of vulnerable families and children: Cada Niños Community Center, Prince of Peace, & Fundaniños. Watch this short film to understand our heart in partnering with them and get a peek at the awesome work they do on a day-to-day basis.

This month, we’re collecting Christmas gifts to send to them, helping them prepare for a few unforgettable 2020 Christmas parties. Our hope is to be able to provide at least 300 gift boxes in total, but the more the better!

We’d love for you to join us in gathering from a list of suggested gifts for a team to package up at our upcoming mission:SERVE event. You can find a suggested gift list and other details below. We’ll be providing large zip lock bags in which you can drop off the items bought for each child’s gift box.

Drop Off Location

Mosaic Church, Winter Garden Campus

Parents and kids, you can drop off your gift(s) at the Mosaic Kids area during a Sunday gathering.

Students, you can drop off yours at one of the Wednesday night Mosaic Students gatherings this month.

Throughout the week, you can also drop it by our front office, which is open 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Thursday.

Drop Off Deadline

Thursday, October 1st

This will allow a team at mission:SERVE to package up the boxes on October 3rd and enable everything to get to Guatemala by November 1st.

Suggested Packing List

Packing List Ideas

Small Toys, Hair Bows/Bands, Comb, Hair Brush, Socks, Pencils/Crayons/Markers, Erasers, Wash Cloth, Small Spanish Bible, Hot Wheels/Action Figures, Jacks, Jump Rope, Bouncy Balls, Small Doll, Small Flashlight/Batteries and a letter or Christmas card

Please Include 

They are asking that $10 be sent with each gift bag. This will help cover the cost of shipping to Guatemala, customs fees, and the additional party costs.

Please Don’t Include

Candy, Money for the Kids, Soldiers or War-Related Items

Thank you! 

Please send any questions to Gabe, our Mosaic Missions Director.