Christmas Eve 2017 

We are so excited to celebrate Christmas Eve with our Mosaic community! And for the first year in a very long time, we are thrilled to encourage you to bring your family and friends with you. In the past, our sanctuary had limited seating, but our new building is giving us the opportunity to invite more people into the story!


Additional Information

Sign Language

The 6:02 pm gathering will include an American Sign Language Interpreter. We invite all deaf or hard of hearing individuals who would like to worship with us at this gathering! As you enter the sanctuary, please make your way to the front right corner to sit in the designated area.  Please arrive early as we expect this gathering to be full, and we won’t be able to hold seats once the gathering starts.

Spanish Translation

The 6:02 pm gathering will include Spanish translation via headsets. You can pick up a headset at a Connect Wall in the lobby before entering the sanctuary.


The 11:02 pm gathering will be a candlelight service.



If you have any questions, email