NEWS-blooddriveSunday, March 26th from 10am – 3pm at the Oakland Campus.

Giving blood is an easy way to serve our community!  Blood is needed every day by patients in our local hospitals, and it’s important to keep a full supply for when the unexpected happens.

We’ve learned that it’s better to have appointments than to to just show up.  The Blood Bus gets quickly overwhelmed with donors as a gathering ends, creating long waits for those who want to give.  If you’re able, please make an appointment!  The blood bus will try to accommodate walk ups, but donors without appointments will be turned away to make room for those with pre-scheduled appointments.

Making an appointment is easy!  Click on the link located below.  You will see the blood drive appointment schedule.  Select a time that you wish to donate.  Once you choose a time you will be directed to our website to log in.  Enter your username and password or create a new login if this will be your first time donating.  If you have forgotten either your username or password click on the links located below the submit button.  If you have any questions please call 1-888-936-6283.

Click Here now to make your appointment!


Do you have children?

Children are not allowed in the Blood Bus.  Children can be checked into Mosaic Kids during normal gathering times, but need to be picked up on time.  It may be best to take turns if there are multiple parents or caregivers.