Here at Mosaic, Missional Communities are at the core of who we are. We care deeply for the Church and hope that everyone establishes connection to a biblical community. In order for us to encourage our Mosaic family to be connected to Missional Communities, we need to make sure we have enough groups; and that requires more leaders!

If you have a heart and passion to help lead others into a deeper understanding of the Gospel, community, and missional living, then leading a Missional Community may be a great place for you to serve.

If you’re considering becoming an MC leader or if you have any questions, please contact our Discipleship Team.  Here’s what to expect after that: 

Step One: Interview

The first step is an initial interview over coffee with one of our Discipleship Team leaders. In this interview, you will discuss personal vision, goals and life experience.

Step Two: Deacon Process

The second step in becoming an MC Leader is to go through the deacon process. 1 Timothy 3 speaks about the qualifications for Elders and Deacons and we believe that all of our leaders should be held to those same standards, especially as they are shepherding and pouring into others. Because of that, we want all of our MC Leaders to be deacons at Mosaic as well. You can begin that process by emailing Melo Sauval.

Step Three: Training

The third step is to get trained. As we transition into a more focused and in-depth discipleship program at Mosaic, we are currently offering a couple of different methods of training. First is to come alongside another MC for a few months where the prospective leader shares the direct leadership of the group, including the facilitating. Another avenue is participating in a Leadership Development Class that is currently being designed.

Step Four: Meet Your Group

The final step in the process is to launch your group!

It is important to know that we will continue to engage and invest in our leaders once they launch their groups. We do that by providing resources and content for MC Leaders to use, such as our MC Leaders Guide, weekly Lead Sheets and study resources on RightNow Media. We also provide coaching to each MC leader as a way to continually invest in the care of our leaders.