We want to see every Church in the Acts 29 Southeast Network engaged in International Church Planting and embodying the vision of being a diverse, global family of church-planting churches. To this end, we are strategically partnering with the Acts 29 Latin America Network. The Acts 29 Latin America Network spans from Mexico to Brazil in a region that consists of over 600 million people, 35 countries, and five different main languages. This Region represents a great opportunity for the advancement of the Gospel! The Acts 29 Latin America network is led by Francisco Bendfeldt, based in Guatemala City.

This strategic partnership between Acts 29 Southeast and Acts 29 Latin America is an opportunity for your Church to:

  • Connect with the vision of being a diverse, global family of church planting churches.
  • Engage in opportunities for mission and global engagement in Latin America.
  • Steward resources towards church planting for those in under resourced areas and in third­ world contexts.
  • Assist in the development of the emerging Acts 29 Latin America Network.

How can your Church get involved?

  • Prayer: Commit to praying regularly for the work of Acts 29 Latin America.
  • Financial Support: Commit to helping financially support our church partners in Latin America.
  • Vision Trips: Commit to join us on a vision trip to Latin America to learn and serve so that the our churches can deepen our partnerships.
  • Church to Church Partnership: Commit to connecting and partnering with a specific Acts 29 Church Planter/ Church Plant in Latin America.


To give, send checks to: Acts 29 US Southeast PO BOX 109 Belmont, NC 28012

For more information contact Gabriel Forsyth