How can we abide in Jesus in the middle of a pandemic? 

The season that we’ve been in for months now can easily become one of isolation, loneliness, and mindlessness. But as we have chatted about during this year, our greatest need is to Abide with Jesus in Every Moment. It just so happens that our current moment counts as one of those “every” moments.

So the question becomes how do we draw near to Jesus in intimacy, in Biblical community, and mission when we are stuck in our homes, practicing social distancing, and unable to live life as normal. For the last couple of months, our staff has been pooling their ideas and experiences together, sharing what has kept them refreshed and connected to the way, life, and truth of Jesus. 

Abide in The Way

  • Start a new reading plan or study. (You can find a range of inspiring and challenging studies for free by signing up with our partner: RightNow Media). 
  • Set aside 10 minutes (or more) every day for intentional prayer. Maybe mark what happens in that time in a journal.
  • Pray for the Gifts of the Spirit and study areas where you see God leading you.
  • Give God the first and last hour of your day.
  • Begin memorizing the book of Ephesians which we’ve been studying in our Sunday gatherings for the last year.
  • Begin a prayer journal. Highlight prayers as they are answered.
  • Practice communion with your household.
  • Practivce lectio divina at home.
  • Go for a walk—looking for and listening to God in nature.
  • Pick a hymn full of Biblical truths. Print the lyrics and read through them. Meditate on a phrase or sentence. Listen to the hymn on Spotify or iTunes as you continue to meditate on its truths.

Abide in Biblical Community

  • Set up “coffee dates” with friends where you grab coffee and go for a walk where you can be socially distant or have it over Facetime. 
  • Have a conversation with your Missional Community or Discipleship about how each of you desire to be intentional and experience life during this time as a community.
  • Be creative with social distancing friendship activities (ex: cooking challenges, online games, share crafts or hobbies, etc.
  • Write encouraging letters and emails to people.
  • Send meaningful texts to one another regularly.
  • Set aside intentional time for audio and video calls. Pray beforehand asking how to be an encouragement. Ask intentional questions.
  • Send thank you cards. Pray beforehand.

Abide on Mission

  • Share resources.
  • Pray that God would give you creative options for demonstrating your spiritual gifts.
  • Focus on being a hopeful voice on social media, checking up on family and friends around the world—or take a break from social media altogether for a while to focus on being present in the moment with those physically around you.
  • Look for ways to provide for those who are currently out of work.
  • Reach out to neighbors. See how you can help or just connect with/get to know them. (Maybe leave an encouraging note on your neighbor’s door.)
  • Spend time praying for specific missionaries and local/global partners.