At Mosaic, we care to step into hard places and face important issues.

One of the most important issues in our current culture is racial diversity. We have been excited to see our church become more and more diverse over the last couple years, but we long for more and want conversations about diversity to be totally normal among us.

So, as one step of many on this journey, we invite you to join us for:



Thursday, November 8th

Winter Garden Campus | 7:02pm & 8:32pm Young Adult Gathering

Panel Discussion

Find it here.


Sunday, November 11th

Winter Garden Campus | 9:02am & 11:17am

WDW Campus | 8:02pm

Guest speaker Doug Logan 

Director of Diversity, Acts 29

Find it here.


If you have questions on diversity in the church, feel free to send them to

If you are passionated about facilitating and growing diversity within Mosaic, e-mail Justin Neal.