Thank you for your generosity! We raised $22,822.50 in our Christmas Eve Offering!

For the past few years we have collected a special offering during our Christmas Eve Gatherings for the purpose of blessing a ministry partner. This year, as we close out our first full year in our new facility, we thought it would be really cool to bless two of our partners who are also in the middle of facility projects, so our Christmas Eve offering will go to Terra Nova Church | North Adams, MA and Operation Rescue Ethiopia | Adwa, Ethiopia.

Terra Nova Church is one of our Church Planting Partners and Operation Rescue Ethiopia is one of our Justice and Mercy Partners. Both Terra Nova and Operation Rescue Ethiopia are in the middle of building projects that will increase their capacity to do Ministry.

Terra Nova is renovating a shared meeting space which not only provides a venue for their church plant to gather for worship, but also gives them an opportunity to serve local non-profits and community organizations in their city.

Operation Rescue Ethiopia was given land by the local government to be able to expand their program. This new site, when finished, will allow them to go from serving 100 vulnerable children to 300 vulnerable children in the city of Adwa.

Both partners are needing $20,000 each to complete the next phase of their building projects. Let’s put a big dent in their goal with our Christmas Eve Offering this year!