Local Mission

Demonstrating the gospel in our city.


This is a simple way to find a volunteer opportunity that fits your passion and schedule.  Search using keywords or use the advanced option to select the issues and times that fit you best.

Photo of Gabriel Forsyth
Gabriel Forsyth
Mission Pastor
Photo of Justin Neal
Justin Neal
Young Adults & Mission
Photo of Angela Gonzalez
Angela Gonzalez
Love Made Visible Coordinator

What its about


In the same way that we look for partnerships in our Global Mission, we also look for opportunities to partner with local ministries and non-profit organizations in the Orlando area where we can serve in areas of justice & mercy. Areas of biblical justice and mercy include areas of need like orphan care, poverty alleviation, and abolition of human trafficking. This is an essential part of making the gospel known in our city.

This page is a resource to help you connect with local non-profits and ministries in our community that are serving the needs of the marginalized and helping to revitalizing neighborhoods and communities in our city. You can use the search tool above to find ways that you can engage in actively serving our city.