Adoption & Foster Care

Equipping Your Passion to Help Vulnerable Children


Photo of Gabriel Forsyth
Gabriel Forsyth
Mission Pastor
Photo of Peggy Bush
Peggy Bush
Director of Operations
Photo of Melanie Stimmel
Melanie Stimmel
Mosaic Adoption & Foster Care Coordinator

Mosaic Adoption & Foster Care

We are committed to living out our calling as God’s people to care for vulnerable children, giving them a hope and a future. Therefore, we are committed as a church to do our part to ensure there are more than enough …

  • Foster and kinship families for every child to have an ideal placement.

  • Adoptive families for every child waiting for adoption.

  • Help for biological families trying to stabilize and reunify.

  • Wrap-around support from the church for foster, adoptive, and biological families.

We believe everyone can do something and together we can make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families.

Our Partnerships