Love Made Visible

Helping children from hurt places


Photo of Gabriel Forsyth
Gabriel Forsyth
Discipleship & Mission Pastor
Photo of Angela Gonzalez
Angela Gonzalez
Love Made Visible Coordinator

Helping Children from Hurt Places

LoveMadeVisible is the Orphan Care Ministry of Mosaic Church. Our Mission is to help children from hurt places. We accomplish this mission through connecting, equipping, and supporting our local church to be a part of the solution to the global orphan crisis. The number of children affected by the global orphan crisis is staggering. Around the world as many as 200 million orphans are growing up on the streets, in orphanages, in refugee camps without a family. We believe that if our children have access to basic needs, a good education, a loving family and opportunity to grow into their God given potential, then every child in the world SHOULD have those things available to them. We believe something should and could be done about the global orphan crisis and we choose to be part of the solution. There are many ways to be a part of the solution to the global orphan crisis. For our community, we are caring for Orphans & Vulnerable Children through Adoption, Foster Care, Safe Families, Child Sponsorship, and Abolition of Child Trafficking. Through this multi-faceted, holistic approach to the global orphan crisis, we believe we will see the orphans of today become the leaders of tomorrow and communities around the world transformed. Learn more at