renautVdrSQFrom the earliest days of Mosaic, we’ve never cared about being large as a church. But we have wanted to be loud. I knew that if we had just a handful of devoted followers of Jesus on mission for the Gospel, that we could actually change the world. Now, more than twelve years into this crazy journey, I’m humbled and excited to say that we’re really doing it! Everywhere I look, I see the Spirit of God using the people of God to have a real impact for the Gospel. I see souls being rescued by the gospel as you live on mission with your everyday lives. I see gospel centered community exploding in our midst, giving us just a taste of what our redeemed future will look like in heaven. I see orphans and foster kids by the hundreds finding new homes just as parents find a restored purpose. In short . . . I see you Getting Loud for the Gospel and it blows me away!

I don’t believe we are done yet. In fact, I think we are just getting started! We are about to step into a new journey, a new season as a church. It will involve new ministries, new campuses and new buildings, but most importantly, it will involve life transformation and it will involve you. During Get Loud we will be telling you the story of the Gospel at Mosaic and inviting you to participate fearlessly in that story. God has given us a voice and He is calling us to Get Loud like never before.

Let’s Actually Change Our World!



“When I ask you to serve in the church, I am inviting you into a story that is bigger than you or I, it’s the story of Gospel transformation.”

-Renaut Van Der Riet



Phil TaylorMore than a decade ago, God gave me a clear statement of the mission he was calling me to for the rest of my life. In short, that mission is to serve the church by helping to bring vision into reality. Two years ago, that life mission brought me to Florida and to Mosaic Church. I knew God was calling me into a big story here. I realize now that it’s an even bigger story than I first thought. When I look at who God has called together at Mosaic… the volunteers, the staff, the Elders/Pastors and the thousands of amazing people who call this church home… I’m simply amazed. It seems like God has chosen to do something unique here. We need to steward that well and do so for God’s glory.

The Elders/Pastors have wisely spent the last two years working on the health of the church. That has come through leadership development, a focus on missional communities, financial health and dozens of other things. We are now healthier than we have ever been! We stand ready and able to step into what God has for us next. With humble hearts and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, there is no limit to how Loud Mosaic’s collective voice will be as we seek to Demonstrate Our Passion For God And His Passion For People.

Let’s do this together!



When Christ called us to Himself, he also called us to community . . . the church. As God breathes the Gospel into our souls, He takes our broken stories and redeems them, giving them a new purpose. God’s voice in our stories is loud because we have the very power of God at work within us!

For the last 12+ years we have seen an amazing demonstration of the grace of God in the people of God here at Mosaic. Stories of world change are everywhere among us and we believe that we are just getting started.  The Get Loud initiative is designed to meet the current needs of our growing congregation and catalyze the next decade of our story. We’ve never really cared about being large, but we have cared deeply about being loud. We’ve cared deeply about actually changing the world.

Below you will see a snapshot of everything involved in the Get Loud initiative. The digital book to the left of this paragraph as well as other posts on this section of our website will go into far greater detail. Explore. Dream. Pray. Celebrate. Ask Questions.


  • Accelerate ministry at every level including worship, kids ministry, students and Missional Communities.
  • Increase our commitment to Leadership Development for Interns, Residents, Deacons and Elders.
  • Strategically position the staff to meet the demands of a fast growing church.

Equipping the Saints 2-year goal: $5 million

Impacting Our World

  • Empower our local partners and relationships built through Mission: Serve and other projects.
  • Increase our support of Acts29 Church Planters throughout Latin America & Brazil.
  • Expand our support for our Justice & Mercy partners like the Butlers in Cambodia and the Hargers & Hilliards in South Africa.
  • Increase our commitment to Adoption, Foster Care and Safe Families through Love Made Visible.
  • Publicly launch and support Mosaic Latino to serve the fastest growing segment of Orlando.
  • Resource Mosaic Kids to serve the special needs community more effectively than ever.

Impacting Our World 2-year goal: $1.5 million

Growing Our Future

  • Launch new campuses in the greater Orlando area in 2017.
  • Expand the Disney Campus to include morning gatherings at our rented facility.
  • Relocate our Oakland and Winter Garden campuses into one new centrally located building in Winter Garden which will more than double our capacity and catalyze the next decade of our story.

Growing Our Future 2-year goal: $3.5 million




At Mosaic, we want our giving to be an intentional act of worship, rather than a random act of guilt.


Many people at Mosaic have given generously over the years, which has resulted in actual world change! The next season of our journey will call all of us into fearless generosity like never before as we seek to:

  • Equip The Saints
  • Impact Our World
  • Grow Our Future

We’ll continue to resource what God is already doing at Mosaic, as well as fund several new projects that will catalyze the next decade of our journey. All of this will come from one fund – a unified budget. We are not asking you to give to a building project, we are asking you prayer consider your financial commitment to Mosaic’s vision for the next two years.

The spiritual discipline of giving takes time to develop but we have to start somewhere. Over time, it becomes a part of who are. It guards our hearts from making money and stuff an idol and surprises us with joy in generosity.

No matter where you are in your giving journey, we are asking you to take one or two steps forward fearlessly investing more into God’s work through His church. You can fill out an electronic commitment card below, or you can fill out a paper one at any gathering between now and November 15th. Let’s Actually Change Our World!



Stories about Getting Loud

Do you have a story about how you or your family are Getting Loud? Has God surprised you with unexpected provision? Is He pushing you in your understanding of what it means to be fearless with your finances and stuff? We want to hear your story of getting loud. Use the form below to tell us all about it.