Online Giving at Mosaic

    How does it work?

    We’ve created online giving at Mosaic to make this easily accessible to those who call Mosaic home. If you are new to our church or just checking out our website, please know that we have no interest in shaking you down for cash. Giving is meant to be an act of worship to God, not something you should be guilted into.  We believe that giving should be regular, sacrificial and joyful. When those three ideas are in check, you are free to give out of love, un-burdened by the materialistic perspective of our culture.

    If you call Mosaic home and have an MCB account (Mosaic Community Builder), please log into MCB to submit your gift. This will allow you to easily generate your own giving report for personal tracking and tax purposes. If you don’t call Mosaic your home but are simply giving a one-time gift, please use the public giving page. If you would like assistance in determining your monthly or annual gift, you may want to check out this calculator resource.

    Should you run into any issues with online giving, please reach out to Peggy Bush.

    Read more on the most frequently asked questions about giving.