Mosaic Young Adults

Thursdays, 8:32PM at the Oakland Campus.

Pastors & Staff

Photo of Joel Coffman
Joel Coffman
Emerging Generation Pastor
Photo of Caleb Carine
Caleb Carine
Emerging Generation Coordinator
Photo of Tiffany Kelly
Tiffany Kelly
Emerging Generation Administrator

Young Adults at Mosaic

Where do I go?

If you are a young adult at Mosaic, the 8:32 gathering is the place for you to engage in passionate worship, receive contextualized teaching, and experience community with other young adults!

You might ask, “What is a young adult?”. We don’t really know. It’s somewhere between 18-29, but it’s flexible. However, if you’re balding and have several children, it’s probably not for you even if you do like jamming out to Taylor Swift.
At Mosaic, we believe that Young Adults matter. Young adults are the most mobile group of people in the church and we desire to help you realize your potential for a great impact around the world.
We meet every Thursday at 8:32 at the Oakland Campus. Please come by and check it out.
Have questions? Email us and we’ll try to give you our answers!