Mosaic Students

Wednesdays, 6-8PM at the Winter Garden Campus.

Mosaic Students Staff

Photo of Caleb Carine
Caleb Carine
Emerging Generation Coordinator
Photo of Josh Neal
Josh Neal
Production Coordinator

About Mosaic Students

Mosaic Students comes alongside of parents to serve and lead 7th – 12th grade students. We believe that this life stage is incredibly important in shaping faith that will last a lifetime. At Mosaic, we choose to say “Yes” to the next generation.


How do we do this?

Student Gatherings

Every Wednesday from 6-8PM at our Winter Garden Campus you can expect the following:

Fun: We believe that God IS fun and invented fun! Every week there are fun elements during our gatherings, guaranteed.

Worship: We provide an opportunity and environment where God can be worshipped through songs and interactive experiences.

Teaching: Each week we craft relevant messages that incorporate our Scope and Cycle strategy, utilizing the xp3students curriculum.

Groups: Every student is invited into a small group with an adult leader where we further discuss and experience the message each week. Those small group leaders get to know the students by consistently building into their lives each week on wednesday nights and at other times.

Missional Opportunities: Students are invited to serve in various capacities in the surrounding community and within Mosaic Church. We challenge students to invest into the body of Christ, especially with those younger than them. Many students serve with Mosaic Kids, Guest Connections, Coffee Bar,  and the Worship Team.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our student ministry staff with further questions.