Prayer at Mosaic

Prayer should always be a vital part of the life of every Christ-Follower and every church. It should not be limited to a special prayer meeting, but rather should flow into every corner of our lives as we open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and truth. It’s not uncommon at Mosaic to see a couple people praying together in the lobby after a gathering, or a big group of people circled up and praying for someone about to have a major surgery. We believe in the power of prayer and we want to continue to develop a culture in our church where prayer together is as natural as breathing in the air around you.

Prayer at Missional Communities

Missional Communities are the lifeblood of our church.  These small groups of people have a strong component of prayer built into every gathering. We hope that over time, you will feel comfortable going to your Missional Community with your prayer needs.

Weekday Prayer Teams

Every Tuesday night at 6:32PM at our Winter Garden Campus, the prayer team meets to pray for specific needs that have been brought to our attention. All are welcome to join into this special prayer time. You can submit prayer requests at the communion tables at the back of our gathering spaces.

Every other Friday at 9:02AM the intercessory prayer group meets at the Winter Garden Campus in room #214. Please contact Linda Baker for details.

Prayer before our Weekend Gatherings

All over our campuses, groups of men and women gather together for prayer before stepping into their various areas of service. Whether it is the Guest Connection team, Mosaic Kids team or the worship team  . . . know that when you arrive at a weekend gathering, someone has already prayed for you and your family.

Intercessory Prayer during our Weekend Gatherings

We have a team of intercessors who pray at each gathering and you are invited to sign up and join in. We encourage everyone to attend one gathering and pray at another. Each week, at least 3 of us will meet in the back hallway next to the glass doors. (The curved hallway behind the sanctuary.)

Prayer after our Weekend Gatherings

After every gathering, we want to provide you with an opportunity to be prayed for.  We always have someone from our leadership team (Elder/Pastor, Elder in Process, Deacon, Staff Member) available and you’ll hear an announcement explaining where you can meet them at each gathering.