Pastors & Leaders

Meet our Pastors & Elders


Photo of Renaut van der Riet
Renaut van der Riet
Lead Pastor
Photo of Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor
Executive Pastor
Photo of Brady White
Brady White
Campus Pastor, At Walt Disney World
Photo of Joel Coffman
Joel Coffman
Emerging Generation Pastor
Photo of Gabriel Forsyth
Gabriel Forsyth
Discipleship & Mission Pastor
Photo of Dave Holland
Dave Holland
Serve One Director
Photo of John Palmer
John Palmer
Photo of Mike Benn
Mike Benn
Photo of Paul Mascia
Paul Mascia
Photo of Raphael Cardoso
Raphael Cardoso
Photo of Zack Olsen
Zack Olsen
Worship Pastor
Photo of Javier Antique
Javier Antique
Mosaic Latino Pastor, Mosaic Latino

Deacons on Staff

Photo of Amanda Wright
Amanda Wright
Gathering Coordinator
Photo of Angela Gonzalez
Angela Gonzalez
Love Made Visible Coordinator
Photo of Brittani Amato
Brittani Amato
Mosaic Students Coordinator
Photo of Brooke Gassert
Brooke Gassert
Mission Coordinator
Photo of Caleb Carine
Caleb Carine
Emerging Generation Coordinator
Photo of Carrie Waters
Carrie Waters
Guest Connections Director
Photo of Deb Moline
Deb Moline
Counseling, Recovery, Support, & Events
Photo of Emily Mills
Emily Mills
Administrative Coordinator, At Walt Disney World
Photo of Eric Clinger
Eric Clinger
Worship Leader
Photo of Isaac Rodrigues
Isaac Rodrigues
Discipleship and Operations Coordinator
Photo of Jeff Amato
Jeff Amato
Production & Technology
Photo of Jessica Rodrigues
Jessica Rodrigues
Early Childhood Coordinator
Photo of Jimmy Hoang
Jimmy Hoang
Mosaic Kids Coordinator
Photo of Josh Neal
Josh Neal
Production Coordinator
Photo of Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor
Marketplace Ministry Pastor
Photo of Justin Neal
Justin Neal
Discipleship & Mission Coordinator
Photo of Keith Winter
Keith Winter
Production & Design
Photo of Kerri Ann Hayes
Kerri Ann Hayes
Mosaic Kids Director
Photo of Linda Baker
Linda Baker
Care Team and Deacon On-boarding
Photo of Loretta Marzano
Loretta Marzano
Administrative Assistant
Photo of Nancy Bartram
Nancy Bartram
Executive Assistant to Renaut van der Riet
Photo of Peggy Bush
Peggy Bush
Finance Assistant
Photo of Seth Kaye
Seth Kaye
Music Director & Songwriter
Photo of Steve Parker
Steve Parker
Photo of Terry Geter
Terry Geter
Executive Pastor of Operations
Photo of Tiffany Kelly
Tiffany Kelly
Emerging Generation Administrator
Photo of Tish Moran
Tish Moran
Assistant to Phil Taylor
Photo of Tracy Griffiths
Tracy Griffiths
Mosaic Kids Administrator